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Experience unadulterated expert marksman ongoing interaction over the brutal landscape of cutting edge Siberia in a fresh out of the plastic new agreements based framework that supports vital deduction inside drawing in, redeployable missions.

Agreements conveys customized missions that offer an unmistakable principle objective with a fixed fiscal prize, and choices to finish optional goals for reward payouts. With many approaches to bring down a wide scope of targets, Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts offers killing ongoing interaction at its closest to perfect.


Play as a paid temporary worker, a professional killer for contract and destruction your opponents.

Open-finished agreements, bounties and side operations convey solid replayability alternatives to finish goals and gather money to reclaim for redesigns and compensates. Be careful opponent expert marksmen who won’t spare a moment to upset your best-laid plans.

Improved Scope Mode offers the most practical experience of serious killing with a wide scope of targets and hundreds different ways to execute.

Overhauled in-game HUD and UI with strategic labeling framework to stamp your adversaries for death.

A weapons store of new devices to play with including rambles, remote expert marksman turrets, clingy bombs and poisonous gas!

Hotshot your stealth slaughters and execute quiet takedowns to be remunerated for vital, calm play.

Fight the fierce wilds of Siberia, Russia and battle to endure the power of snow-secured mountains, lavish backwoods and mystery bases concealed somewhere down in the mountainside.


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