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Become Samurai Jack, the incredible warrior of time. Excursion through an ideal opportunity to at last stop Aku’s malicious reign in this new experience, told by the makers of Samurai Jack.

Voiced by the first voice entertainers, Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time is an activity stage game that traverses existence, where your activities make another legend!

An Untold Adventure That Ties into the Epic Series Finale

Collaborate with confided in partners from the show to go head to head against recognizable foes.

Investigate Worlds from the Award-Winning Series

Visit exemplary universes and minutes from your preferred scenes. Travel to a dull future to free humankind. Jump into the past to go head to head against detestable beasts. Look for your destiny as you traverse reality.

Make Your Own Legend

Prepare and ace over twelve distinct weapons in battle. Increment your capacity via preparing and opening new abilities to help your playstyle.

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