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Earth, 2051: In a future where humankind’s venture into space is going all out. Earth is amidst an attack by strange extraterrestrial creatures called Relayers. People with extraordinary capacities, called Starchildren, have additionally showed up, alongside the tradition of an old outsider development that is said to have vanished hundreds of years prior. Players order a unit of Stellar Gear, humanoid weapons created from the innovation of that terminated outsider civilization, and the Asterism, a boat equipped for interstellar travel, to protect Earth from the attacking Relayer outsiders.

Game Features

• A cutting edge robot procedure RPG set in a science fiction substitute reality, in which Starchildren take on an extraterrestrial danger.
• Relayer’s fight framework centers around battle robot types and occupations, which address a unit’s interesting qualities, and Aggro, a detail which imagines how effectively foes target them.
• Relayer likewise includes invigorating extraordinary goes after, for example, Backstab, a pincer move, and Big Bang, a move with an immense area of impact.
• Roughly 100 exceptional cutscenes play during fights all through the game and stage maps are completely outlined in top notch, full 3D!
• Players should utilize a great many methodologies to lead the Starchildren to triumph!
• Experience 4K goal designs and quicker stacking times.
• In-game text dialects: Traditional Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese.
• In-game voice: Japanese, English.

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Audio: English, Japanese

Subtitles: Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

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