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Predator: Hunting Grounds Ps4 is a vivid uneven multiplayer shooter set in the remote wildernesses of the world, where the Predator follows the most testing prey. Play as an individual from a first class 4-man Fireteam and complete paramilitary tasks before the Predator discovers you. Or then again play as the Predator to chase the most commendable prey, browsing your huge swath of destructive outsider tech to gather your trophies, individually. Enter a world that looks and feels totally bona fide to the legend of the Predator universe.

The lavish wilderness wakes up with the sights and hints of military grandiosity advancing toward their goal. While up in the trees, a blaze of light and a foreboding clicking sound belay that the group is going to confront fatal resistance. From the epic Predator signature melody to the mark light-twisting shrouding and warm Predator vision, enthusiasts of the Predator-stanza will delight in both recognizable and new group.

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