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Release Date: 13 March 2020


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Ace the deadly craft of the samurai right now activity pretending game… for death is coming.

Excursion to 1555 primitive Japan, a nation held in the wretchedness and frenzy of perpetual fighting.

A spot where beasts and abhorrence spirits swarm a place that is known for regular magnificence and threatening risk, where everybody from the littlest youngster to the boldest warrior lives in consistent dread of the profound creatures known as yokai.

Play as a quiet maverick living as an enlisted hired soldier and prestigious yokai tracker. Destined to and relinquished by human and yokai guardians, you are troubled with the capacity to take on otherworldly yokai structure.

Would you be able to endure the tricky Sengoku time and startling Dark Realm?

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•Fight to make due right now masocore activity pretending game.

•Unleash your internal evil spirit to use the overwhelming forces of the powerful yokai.

•Discover a redid battle framework with new weapons and abilities.

•Journey through the baffling Dark Realm – the devilish home of the yokai.



•Discover customary scuffle and went weapons.

•Learn an assortment of savage new samurai abilities.

•Change your battle position to perform explicit moves, with every position having its own qualities and shortcomings.

•Prepare for a mind-blowing battle in a redid battle framework.

•Embrace the yokai move to release your inward evil spirit and employ destroying powers.

•Travel through the Dark Realm, a peculiar plane of presence enabling evil spirits with upgraded capacities.

•Create and tweak your own male or female samurai.

•Experience a curving story where truth meets fiction.



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