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Experience the total 2021 Season with all principle official classes, lists and tracks. In excess of 120 authority riders, 20 authority circuits and better than ever includes like the presentation of the Long Lap punishment rule.

Remember the set of experiences and every one of the feelings of the MotoGPTM with in excess of 40 noteworthy riders and their notorious bicycles!


Your excursion towards the Championship begins from the Managerial Career. Make the perfect group, picking between true groups or a fresh out of the box new one, and afterward select your own staff, talented experts who will help you during the season. They will help you settle on fundamental decisions like getting the best agreement or understanding which space of the bicycle would be smarter to create.

Arrive at the MotoGPTM or Moto2TM class and make and deal with your own personal Junior group!


At the point when you can handle each part of your race, each choice tallies!

Monitor the degree of fuel to place in your tank, the brake temperature and the tire wear and settle on basic decisions as indicated by your riding style and the race conditions.

Stuff up for the most exciting dashing experience however don’t go a little crazy away: in the event that you’ll fall you’ll currently need to get back on the bicycle as quick as could be expected! What’s more, consistently tallies.


Regardless of whether is the manner in which you ride or the manner in which you look, style is key in MotoGP 21. Stand apart from the group and hotshot your remarkable style! Tweak protective cap, suit, stickers, hustling number and attire with 5 amazing realistic editors!

And afterward go out there and dazzle everybody with your riding style as well! In any case, be cautious, our progressive neural AI framework dependent on AI is back with critical enhancements, so prepare to find new faces of A.N.N.A. in the most energizing disconnected races ever!

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Audio: Chinese, English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

Subtitles: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (France), German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

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