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One individual is all that stands among humankind and the best danger it’s always confronted. Remember the legend of Commander Shepard in the profoundly acclaimed Mass Effect set of three with the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Incorporates single-player base substance and DLC from Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3, or more promotion weapons, protections, and packs – all remastered and improved for 4k Ultra HD.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 Features


Mass Effect Legendary Edition incorporates single-player base substance for every one of the three games and more than 40 DLC, with more than 100 hours of substance all associated in a solitary adventure. Experience an incredibly rich and nitty gritty universe in shocking visual detail.

Think about YOUR CHOICES

Your decisions flawlessly go starting with one game then onto the next. Every choice you make will control the result of each mission, each relationship, each fight – and surprisingly the destiny of the cosmic system itself.


Make and modify your own character, from appearance and abilities to a customized armory then, at that point lead your tip top recon crew across a world in strife.


Assume responsibility for the Normandy, amass your team, and get ready for a remarkable experience in the profoundly acclaimed establishment. Play through the single-player experience of each of the three Mass Effect set of three games including more than 40 DLC, promotion weapons, shields, and packs.


Experience invite personal satisfaction refreshes including a solitary launcher for every one of the three Mass Effect set of three titles, upgraded execution, ongoing interaction enhancements, regulator support for PC, and then some.


Remember the true to life adventure in shocking 4K with improved visuals, surfaces and models. Counting present day realistic enhancements, refreshed UI, and that’s just the beginning.


Experience all that you love about the primary Mass Effect game, presently with improved pointing, crew controls, and cameras. What else do you need to anticipate? Indeed, how about we simply say investigating in the Mako has never been more enjoyable.

Buy Mass Effect Legendary Edition PS4 with the best price ever on GameCards.Net!

Audio: English, French (France)

Subtitles: English, French (France), Spanish

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