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Maneater Ps4 game is on sale on GameCards.Net.

Experience a definitive force dream as the summit predator of the oceans – a goliath shark! Threaten the beach front conduits. Tear swimmers and jumpers appendage from appendage, give the people motivation to fear you. Pretend and alter your shark with an assortment of detail driven frameworks. Develop various pieces of your body to improve how they capacity, or siphon up your savagery to enter brief taking care of crazes.

Maneater is a solitary player activity RPG, set in the Gulf Coast’s unforgiving waters. Battle to make due in the untamed sea, marshes and waterways with threat sneaking at each profundity. Drench yourself in a no nonsense world loaded with dangers, and prizes. Investigate indented wrecks, hide in swamps, or simply journey the untamed sea searching for prey to benefit from. Your lone devices are your brains, your jaws, and an uncanny capacity to develop as you feed. Everything without exception is on the menu… slaughter or be murdered.

Maneater highlights a full story driven battle that follows the shark as it looks for retribution for the homicide of its mom on account of “Flaky” Pete. The oceans aren’t large enough for them two, as they head toward a climactic showdown. “Textured” Pete is an angler who was raised on stories of how his dad was executed by an extraordinary white. Sharks gave his dad no leniency, he shows the brutes none consequently, chasing them any place they are found.

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