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Gather the best vehicles in the Hot Wheels Unleashed Ps5 universe, incorporate dynamite tracks and jump into amazing races.

Hot Wheels Unleashed Ps5 Features


The most notable and pursued Hot Wheels™ vehicles are hanging tight for you. Prepare to make them race at max throttle!

Catch everyone’s eye by setting off your character with the selective attire proofreader.

Continually RUNNING

Demonstrate your abilities by contending in magnificent races and prepare for unadulterated fun! Float, charge the promoter and dispatch yourself into fabulous circles. Be that as it may, watch out! In case you’re too sluggish gravity will take care of its work.

The greater the test, the more prominent the greatness.

Race one next to the other with your companions in split screen mode for 2 players or face up to 12 rivals in internet based difficulties.


Holding back to have your races are colossal intuitive conditions with their own distinctive elements, where each article can turn into a basic piece of the track.

Release your innovativeness with the most astonishing track editorial manager of all time! Construct your track by exploiting what encompasses you, and make astonishing designs inside and outside the race course. Twist and stretch the notorious “orange piece”, add circles, uncommon sponsors, snags and unique components to make a fantastic entertainment mecca for your races.

Offer your craziest manifestations on the web and attempt those of different players.


Outfit your very own room with an enormous number of components that you will gather during your experience and host the most stunning races inside it.

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Voice: English

Screen Languages: Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), English, French (Canada), French (France), German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Thai

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