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The faction great returns! Threaten the individuals of 1950s Earth in the job of the malicious outsider Crypto-137. Gather DNA and cut down the US government in the redo of the incredible outsider intrusion activity experience. Destroy weak people utilizing a grouping of outsider weaponry and clairvoyant capacities. Diminish their urban communities to rubble with your flying Saucer! One mammoth advance on humankind!

Experience the underhanded side of a 50s outsider intrusion story

(Re)Discover why this game is viewed as one of the most entertaining at any point made

Steadfastly modified without any preparation in new galactic wonder

Make the most of Crypto’s one of a kind weaponry like the Anal Probe Gun

Posture as lamentable people to invade their delicate popular government

Use psychokinesis to send foes flying or barrage them with irregular items

Openly cross explorable urban areas from 50s America utilizing your jetpack

Annihilate mankind’s crude design with your flying saucer

Incorporates the reestablished, much-reputed, at no other time seen: Lost Mission of Area 42!

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