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You assume responsibility for a ragtag band turning into a profoundly utilitarian gathering of far-fetched legends and champions. The altogether different solid characters battle to coordinate from the outset, at the end of the day unite to consolidate their unmistakable claims to fame and challenge an apparently unrivaled enemy. Pursued by merciless crooks and degenerate lawmen, the Desperados need to reverse the situation with each strategic.

On an epic excursion through 1870s USA and Mexico, the group will confront unbelievably troublesome chances and should outfox immeasurably dwarfing posses. On their strategic track down an enemy while wrecking a persevering corporate big shot, the five unmistakable characters utilize a wide exhibit of abilities to invade, spy, damage, evade, take, snatch, go astray, kill, explode stuff… and if all else fails: shoot them down.

Join your experts to beat intense difficulties from various perspectives. Plan your moves shrewdly and execute them impeccably continuously to sneak past your adversaries while staying undetected.


Order up to five Desperados and utilize their deadly abilities to subtly disperse the adversary lines.

Approach every crucial a wide range of arrangements and ways.

Resolve apparently incomprehensible enormous adversary arrangements with cautious arranging and entirely coordinated execution of the group’s exceptional abilities.

Annihilation your adversaries picking among destructive and non-deadly choices, secrecy and bursting weapons and further change the game to your playstyle with different trouble settings and exceptional replayability challenges.

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