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Compose your very own epic odyssey and become an amazing Greek Hero in Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey, a moving experience where you should fashion your fate in reality as we know it where each decision matters. Impact how history unfurls as you find a rich and regularly changing world molded by your choices.

Key Features

BECOME A LEGENDARY GREEK HERO – you can pick which saint to epitomize all through this epic voyage, Alexios or Kassandra. Tweak your apparatus, redesign your capacities, and customize your ship on your way to turn into an incredible Greek saint.

Dig INTO ANCIENT GREECE – From the statures of cold mountain tops to the profundities of the Aegean Sea, investigate a whole nation loaded with untamed conditions and urban communities, at the pinnacle of Greece’s Golden Age.

Pick YOUR OWN PATH – Your choices shape your general surroundings with more than 30 hours of decision discourse and various game endings. Experience a living, powerful world that always develops and responds to all your choices.

Face EPIC Conflicts – Demonstrate your remarkable warrior capacities and move the tides of fight during the Peloponnesian War. Race into epic conflicts among Sparta and Athens in Big Battles setting 150 versus 150 warriors against one another.

SAIL ACROSS THE AEGEAN SEA – Find strange areas, reveal concealed fortunes or divide your way through whole armadas in maritime fights. Tweak the appearance of your ship, overhaul weaponry to suit your qualities, and select group individuals with novel advantages, fitting maritime battle to your style.

A LAND OF MYTH and LEGENDS – Discover a world rich with fantasies and legends. From antiquated ceremonies to celebrated statues, encounter Greece’s amazing figures and find reality behind the legends.



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