Frequently Asked Questions


You will receive your Ps4 account information by email.

You receive the Game as a Ps4 Account via E-mail, which you can activate it as a primary account in your Ps4 console and download the game from playstore. After return to your own Ps4 profile you can play the game FOREVER with your own account or with other users in your Ps4 console.

  • You have 5 years warranty for all games.
  • There is no difference between CD and our digital games.
  • All games are ORIGINAL.
  • All games are GLOBAL. You can play in all countries.
  • You can play online or offline and you can get all trophies etc. with your own Ps4 Profile.

You will get your Ps4 account via email within 30-60 minutes in our working time between 08:00 AM to 8:00 PM everyday.

You can play in all regions with your ps4.

Step 1: Go To The Power>Switch the user.

Step 2: Add +New User>Create a user>Accept>Next

Step 3: Enter the user email and password which you purchased from GameCards.Net. And Sign in.

Step 4: Click to the OK and Welcome to the purchased account.

Step 5: Go to the Settings>Account Managament>Activate As Your Primary Ps4>Click ''Activate''.

Step 6: Go to the Library> Purchased> Select The Game> Click To ''Download''.

Step 7: After download start (You do not need to wait for the installation to finish.) go back Power>Switch User>LOG OUT OF PS4.

Step 8: You can see that the game is currently downloaded. When the installation is finished you can start playing the game from your OWN PS4 PROFILE.

Please play the game from your own Ps4 account after installing the game. Do not play from the account you purchased. And Never Re-sign to the purchased account after start the download.

All ps4 games are guaranteed for 5 years.
  • Do not log back in to the account you purchased.
  • Never change the account's email or password.
  • Never share your account details with anothers.
  • Never try to install the game to ANOTHER Ps4 Console.
  • Never deactivate the account from your primary ps4.
  • Never delete the account from your Ps4.
  • You must play the game from your personal Ps4 account.
  • You can only Install the game ONE PS4 console.
  • You can only Install the game ONE time. If your Ps4 change, If your Ps4 corrupted or broken, it is not our responsibility to do so.
If you violate one of these rules, your warranty entitlement is terminated. And your game will be locked or deleted and you can't play again.