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Please follow these instructions to activate a new retail purchase on Steam:

  1. Launch the Steam client software and log into your Steam account.
  2. Click the Games Menu.
  3. Choose Activate a Product on Steam…
  4. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the process.

Activating a Product on Steam


  1. Ensure that you are logged in as an administrator on the machine which you would like to install Steam on
  2. If you have previously installed Steam and are reinstalling to remedy a problem with your prior installation, please see the Uninstalling Steam topic for instructions to remove any prior Steam installations
  3. Check the Troubleshooting Network Connectivity topic to ensure the required ports for Steam are open on your network
  4. Download and run the Steam Installer from here

If you encounter any difficulty with your installation, please see the Contacting Steam Billing and Support topic for instructions to contact Steam Support.

Download Steam now:

This detailed tutorial will help you to easily download and install EA Origin(formerly known as EA Download Manager) in order to redeem a game key you have purchased at GameCards.Net Directly afterwards, you will be able to use the respective product.

  1. Use the following link to download the installation file forEA Origin(about 34 MB): EA Origin
  2. InstallEA Origin. To do so, use the installation file that you have just downloaded, by double-clicking the file. If a firewall message appears, just allow the access. Follow the instructions during the installation process.
  1. After the successful installation ofEA Originyou can use the program. Start EA Origin via the link that has been created on the desktop or the respective entry in the start menu. Follow the instructions, if necessary. If a firewall message appears, just allow the access.
  1. OpenEA Originand log in to your EA customer account. If you have no such account yet, register for your personal EA account via the link at the bottom of the window.
  1. When you have opened EA Originand successfully logged in, click on the button with the cog wheel and then on “Redeem game code”.
  1. A new window will appear, prompting you to enter the game key which you have received via eMail or download link in your account from GameCards.Net . Take care to enter the code exactly, typing errors happen easily. Afterwards, click on “Continue”.
  1. If the code is recognized and confirmed, you have successfully activated your product. The download will be added to your customer account inEA Origin. Click on “Start” to begin the download. Depending on the speed of your internet connection, the download of the files may take some time.
  1. As soon as the download is complete, you can install the product with the downloaded files and subsequently start using your product.